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Isolation Transformer

Which device would be better for eliminating ground loops? What can offer protection for sensitive equipment? Is there any device that can suppress high-frequency noise? Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai is the right destination for you as Isolation Transformer is the only answer to all your questions. It blocks interference caused by ground loops and ensures the safety of sensitive appliances like hospital devices, laboratory instruments, computers, etc. Trutech Products, noted among the paramount Isolation Transformer Manufacturers In Pune, Mumbai, Chiplun, Bhosari, and Alibag, offer high-performance devices to meet your needs such as Auto Transformer, Rectifier Transformer, Special Purpose Transformer

Excellent Attributes Related To Isolation Transformer Are:

  • Consists of two windings wound on the same iron core.
  • Offer separation from the power line ground connection.
  • Prevent electrical disturbances and widely used in varied applications.
  • Keep electric shocks away and prevent the situation of short circuits and other damages.
  • Isolation Transformers eliminate ground loops that are otherwise problematic for medical devices and cause issues during device testing.
  • Minimize vibrations and high power frequency from the device to ensure smooth and sound-free operations.

Applications Of Isolation Transformer Are:

  • Can be used as a pulse transformer.
  • Used in electric circuits and sensitive devices.
  • Make the isolation between a power supply and circuit.
  • Most common in medical devices, communication circuits and Radars.

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Bing a leading Transformer Manufacturers In india, Trutech Products brings you all types of Transfomes whether you are looking for Single Phase Isolation Transformers or three-phase systems, we, being one of the trustworthy Three Phase Isolation Transformer Exporters and Suppliers in India, can cater to your orders. Contact us to know about the price and other details.

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Why Are Isolation Transformer Important To Use?

Isolation Transformer are essential as they enhance the efficiency of power systems by increasing and decreasing the voltage levels according to the requirements. They also increase the safety of the devices. They distribute and regulate the electrical energy efficiency and lower the loss caused during transmission. They are the best option for residential and industrial applications.

What Are The Types Of Products You Offer?

Here are a few products that we offer:

  • Control Transformer
  • Step-Down Transformer
  • Step-Up Transformer
  • Isolation Transformer
  • Three-Phase Transformer
  • Auto Transformer
  • Rectifier Transformer
  • Special Purpose Transformer

Why You Are The Best Isolation Transformer Manufacturers In India?

Trutech Products are one of the reputed Isolation Transformer Manufacturers in India, bringing you the best Isolation Transformer. We have an in-house manufacturing unit to design every product with utmost precision. We use cut-edge products and modern machinery that helps us in bringing innovative and creative products. Our team of professionals is the backbone that supports us gets new heights in the domain. Call us now.

What Is Temperature Rise In A Isolation Transformer?

When talking about the temperature rise in a Isolation Transformer, it is defined as the average temperature of the oil & insulation, and windings, and it is above the current ambient temperature. If you found this in Isolation Transformer, it is the temperature rise of it.

What Is The Efficiency Of A Isolation Transformer?

The efficiency of the Isolation Transformer is the ratio of useful power output to the input power. But keep in mind that they both are measured in the same unit. The unit may be either Watts (W) or KW. The efficiency of the Isolation Transformer is marked by Ƞ.

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