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What would be the best device to convert alternating current? What could help to transmit power from one circuit to another? What could ensure the safety of the appliances? The answer to all your questions is just one, i.e., Transformers. They designed to perform all such functions and provide a uniform amount of power to keep the appliances safe. Trutech Products, counted among the Best Transformer Manufacturers In Pune, Mumbai, and India, have brilliant solutions to cater to your distinct power supply needs. Each unit get thoroughly examined by our experts under strict supervision to meet industry standards and customer requirements.

Characteristics Of Transformers That Are Common In All Models Are:

  • They transmit power via magnetic flux.
  • The same input and output power frequency.
  • All transformers make use of electromagnetic induction laws.
  • All Transformers are easy to use, as no moving parts required for them to transmit power.
  • Also, they ensure no frictions or windage losses, which are common in other electrical devices.

Uses Of Transformers, Includes The Following:

  • Transformers also block the passage of DC from one circuit to another.
  • Uniformly transmit power from one source to another with minimum risk or losses.
  • Increasing or decreasing the voltage level, inductor or capacitor within the AC Circuit.


  • Pumping Stations
  • Industries
  • Railways
  • Power Generation Units
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We have been serving the global market since 1997 as one of the top-notch Transformers Exporters and Suppliers In India. Whether you are looking for Isolation Transformer, Auto Transformer, Control Transformer, or Rectifier Transformer, Special Purpose Transformer or more, we have got the best brilliant solutions for your process. Just give us a call to know more.

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