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Wire Wound Resistors

For applications that require a tremendous amount of power dissipating, Wire Wound Resistors come to use. These are consists of a resistive wire, which is wound around a non-conductive material to ensure a stable working. Trutech Products (Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai) is one of the preeminent Wire Wound Resistors Manufacturers in Pune, Mumbai, Sangli, Satara and Vajreshwari that you can trust for a wide range of electrical power transmission needs. 

Qualities That Define The Reasons To Choose Our Wire Wound Resistors:

  • Dissipate a high amount of power to stand high power levels while ensuring proper safety.
  • Fusible Wire Wound Resistor has an immeasurable tolerance property and beneficial for challenging applications such as measuring instruments.
  • They have good temperature stability that ensures their long-term working with maximum accuracy.
  • Power Resistors can absorb pulses and energy levels to prevent sustaining damages or change in resistance.

Primary Areas Where There Is Need For Wire Wound Resistors Includes:

  • Telecommunications
  • Transducers Instrumentations
  • Medical Electronic Devices
  • Telephone Switching Systems
  • Current And Voltage Balancing etc.

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We are one of the noted Wire Wound Resistors Exporters and Suppliers in India, you can also have Dynamic Braking Resistors. You can trust us, and we promise to provide timely delivery of the best quality. Contact us to know more.

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